Elopement Wedding Questionnaire

I have listed here a few questions to help me get a better idea about time while also familiarizing me with your relationship and the details of your wedding so that I can better photograph, prepare, and serve you! My hope for this day is that you will be able to enjoy your wedding to the fullest and to celebrate the beginning of marriage exactly as you both have planned.

After I receive this information back from you, I will put together an Event Guide to serve as a flexible outline of the day to make sure we are all on the same page and don't miss a thing! So, the more details you can give me, the better!

Let's do this.

Contact Information
Name *
Partner's Name *
Partner's Name
Address *
This is where I will mail your photos after the wedding.
Tell me more about you.
How did you two meet? What's your favorite thing to do together? What do you love about each other?
Getting Ready.
Ex. Venue + Address, Airbnb + Address, OR Hotel Name + Address, etc.
If hiring a hair + makeup artist, please list their name(s).
Ex. Venue + Address, Airbnb + Address, OR Hotel Name + Address, etc.
If so, please describe any additional details and which locations you would like for me to photograph at.
Will there be a first look between you and your partner? *
Will there be a note or gift exchange between the two of you? *
The Ceremony
Please include their name and their relation to you.
Family and Friends
Will any other family member or friends be present at the ceremony with you and your partner? *
Final details.
If we are doing an adventure session in addition to the wedding day, please list your preference (adventure session or wedding day) next to each location.
Any photographs you must have? Any special getting ready details or heirlooms I should know about? I want to hear it all.