Eva + Kris // Todtnauburg, Germany

Eva + Kris’s story is one of those that makes you believe in soulmates. The two met while studying abroad in Bamberg, Germany after growing up several thousand miles from each other. Eva was an international student from the United States, and Kris was an international student from Finland. Before ever officially meeting, they each picked each other from the crowd — Eva noticing him at a cafe, and Kris noticing her at a party. After great persistence and intentionality, Kris eventually asked Eva on a date and began calling her his girlfriend only days later. Eva never corrected him.

Two years later and the two were getting married in the sweetest town of Todtnauburg. With Eva being a German American and Kris a Swedish speaking Fin, it was such a neat experience to witness so many people and traditions from around the world come together and celebrate. Not to mention, the nature, history, and overall sense of calmness that surrounds Todtnauburg is incomparable.